Right Here, Right Now: making sense of self and society

TEDxSouthamptonUniversity 2015 was held on 25th April.

There is no Planet B. Earth is our only home and we are increasingly aware of how fragile it is. By the middle of this century, 9 billion people will share it. Additional numbers of people coupled with increased intensity of consumption are raising a series of formidable challenges.

Rather than consider this as a problem of resources – what resources can be exploited, who gets what – we curate dan event that asked us to consider how we can live well today and for the future. What does it mean to live well? What do we need for a good life? Who do we need to share that life with?

More than half the world’s population lives in cities. Urbanisation is set to continue and so many of the above questions revolve around how cities function. How do they emerge? How do they thrive or die? To what extent do cities give us what we want, what we need?

We also considered life in societies at different scales. What can differences in the size of a community tell us about how to live well? Does smaller, meaner slower and happier? How can we harness increased connectivity via the internet to improve our societies and communities?



TEDxSouthamptonUniversity 2015 was curated by James Dyke.

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