Activities & Stalls

Transportation Research Group: 

Demonstration of Intelligent Transport Systems in CitiesTRG2015

The Transportation Research Group from the University of Southampton will demonstrate how Intelligent Transport Systems operate in cities, and why these systems are important for improving the flow of traffic as well as the well-being of people living in cities. Participants on the day will be able to ‘play’ with a working model of a Scalextric set, which has been modified with under-road sensors to detect passing vehicles. They will also see how such sensors are used to ‘trigger’ the operation of traffic signals in urban traffic control systems, for optimising the flow of traffic, and where necessary, giving priority to emergency and public transport vehicles. These systems for optimising the road network are not only important for improving the traffic flow in cities, but they are also beneficial for helping to reduce the carbon emissions from vehicles.


Dangerous Ideas


Dangerous Ideas – Southampton will deliver the ‘How do we connect with each other in order to achieve change’ workshop at TEDxSouthamptonUniversity. A very open session with the chance for everyone to voice their views, make new connections and discuss the speakers. Through this workshop, you can explore with Dangerous Ideas the issues that you care about and discuss ways to connect with each other within our city to achieve social change.


Transition Southampton


Transition Southampton is a ‘not for profit’ organisation, committed to working with local communities, organisations and local government to inspire a happier, healthier and more sustainable Southampton. This is done through many small community led projects addressing Southampton specific issues and needs, whilst considering the global challenges of climate change and resource depletion. Transition Southampton has a positive vision of a resilient and sustainable future beyond the age of abundant fossil fuel energy. While based in Southampton, this organisation is part of the wider international Transition Towns network.

This workshop will provide an opportunity to stop and connect with yourself – to reflect on what is important to you (what you most value) and what you are doing (or might do) towards those values. The session will be led by Liz Batten and Lucy Dorey.


The Bug Shack


The Bug Shack was launched last year with the aim of promoting edible insects at science and sustainability events and engaging with people who will join the insect food revolution. Dr Jenny Josephs will be at The Bug Shack workshop at TEDxSouthamptonUniversity after her talk for you to ask questions about the future of food and farming. You can even try some delicious bug snacks in the lunch break!




Curb is a Campaign Cafe acting against food waste. They divert produce that would otherwise end up in landfill, then prepare and share meals with the community. They run entirely on a ‘Pay As You Feel’ basis, encouraging a more conscious exchange and asking guests to think about value, rather than cost. 

Curb intercepts surplus food from local businesses, considering ourselves a collaboration with stores, restaurants, markets, caterers, farms, charities… anyone that handles edible produce. Currently, they run pop-up cafe’s and cater local events, but will soon have a regular street food stall in the Town Centre Market. Their aim is to find Curb a fixed kitchen space and operate as a full-time cafe in the city.

Curb is Southampton’s branch of The Real Junk Food Project – an International network of Pay As You Feel cafes fighting food waste.

Link to their Facebook Page.