Kate Maple

kate mapleKate Maple is the co-director of Connected: a film for change and organiser of Embrace the Change, a global webcast about positive, sustainable solutions to contemporary global challenges. Connected began as a journey of discovery embarked on by Paul and Kate Maple who spent a year travelling with their family across Eastern and Central Europe. They talked to people there about their concerns and solutions for a future that is not only fair, but also sustainable. What became clear was that many people were united in their concerns about governments, the environment, poverty and economics – many agreed that change needs to happen, and it needs to happen now. But how do we make change happen? Connected explores this by looking to discuss solutions, rather than problems and asks people already engaged in change, how to make a difference. Connected taps into an age-old realisation that all things are linked, whether they are issues of money, politics, climate or power, and that we as individuals are linked too, as we always have been. With today’s technology, that connection is ever more apparent.