Saamah Abdallah – Can we achieve good lives that don’t cost the Earth? Three of the big shifts in society that will help us get there.

Vanessa King – Taking action for happiness – for you, for me or for we? Some questions to help us explore what really matters.

Miguel Gonzalez – Turning food trash into tasty treats to reduce waste and hunger.

Dr. Jenny Josephs – Why eating insects may become the new normal.



Kate Hadley – A personal story about simple living outside of the big city and how the act of play can improve communities.

Cara Sandys – How grassroots communities show that the best things in life really are free.

Donna Green – How big data is addressing some of society’s big challenges.


Dangerous Ideas – A workshop that will ask us how we connect with each other in order to achieve change.

Transition Southampton – A workshop that will aks us how we connect with ourselves in order to create change.


Dr. Bradley Garrett – How can we make our cities more open and democratic?

Tess Berry-Hart – How using the voices of small communities onstage can challenge the structures of the great.

Little Bulb Theatre & Prof. Paul White – Unpacking the mysteries of the songs of the humpback whale.