Sarah Angliss

Sarah Angliss (photo Tamsin Chapman)Sarah Angliss is a composer, automatist and historian of technology, particularly interested in little-known precursors of contemporary tech. Her research topics include the use of trained birds as primordial, domestic sound recorders before the invention of the phonograph (made into a BBC Radio 4 documentary in 2011); the reputed psychological effects of infrasound in music (a collaboration funded by The Sciart Consortium, 2003); early attitudes to drum machines, samplers and The Talkies (published 2013);  19th-century Lancashire heel-and-toe clog dance as a steampowered precursor to Detroit techno (with Caroline Radcliffe, 2008). Her work on Britain’s private nuclear bunker enthusiasts became the subject of Horlicks and Armageddon, awarded Most Groundbreaking Show of Brighton Festival and Fringe 2013. When not writing about technology, Sarah’s known for her singularly embodied performance which mixes theremin, saw and electronics with the ensemble of automata she’s created to work with her on stage. She’s been commissioned to write music for the BFI and National Theatre and is the founder recent Ghost Box collaborators Spacedog. She’s currently working on Ealing Feeder, her first solo album.