The 2013 Event

The first TEDxSouthamptonUniversity was held on 17th March 2013. The website for the 2013 event can be found here. Videos of all the talks delivered that day are available on the TEDxSotonUni YouTube channel here. The theme for our first TEDx event was ‘sustainability’ and over the course of the day, thirteen at times thought provoking, alarming and inspiring talks were heard.

In ‘No longer in the dark – our choice for the future of the deep ocean’, marine biologist Dr Jon Copley, University of Southampton UK, talks about his recent expedition exploring the world’s deepest known undersea vents, 5 km (3.1 miles) deep in the Cayman Trough, and the environmental challenges and economic opportunities now within our reach on the ocean floor.

The full list of 2013 speakers:

  • Dr Denise Baden – University of Southampton
  • Prof AbuBakr Bahaj – University of Southampton
  • Stuart Bartlet – Institute for Complex Systems Simulation
  • Dr Mark Brandon – Open University
  • Dr Jon Copley – National Oceanography Centre Southampton
  • David Green – Ecoisland
  • Mary Jackson – Play, Learning, Life Partnership
  • Simon Kemp – University of Southampton
  • Dr Alex Penn – University of Surrey
  • Prof Guy Poppy – University of Southampton
  • Skipped Junk Band
  • Jack Townsend – WebScience
  • Ruth Westcot – Marine Stewardship Council
  • Prof Iain Williams – University of Southampton