The 2014 Event

Thank you to all our speakers, volunteers and audience that made TEDxSouthamptonUniversity 2014 such a fantastic success!

Flourishing in the 21st Century The first TEDxSouthamptonUniversity was held in 2013 and featured a range of talks that explored issues related to sustainability. In 2014, TEDxSouthamptonUniversity focused on what we can do to not only sustain but flourish. New ways of living in a new world. We may have to navigate dangers, some from the natural world, some from ourselves, but we can and arguably must also build a vision of what a good life is and how we and future generations can flourish in the 21st Century.

speakers posterAlex Penn Community Microbes: Interacting with invisible worlds

Ella Hickson & Ben Duke A piece

Helen Roberts Living well into the 21st century

Ian Redmond The Gardeners of the Forest – why we need to save apes and elephants to save the world

Jane Falkingham Global population, past, present and future

Kate Maple The journey towards change

Peter Smith Lamarck reloaded

Gail Taylor The case for genetically modified bioenergy trees – can they be sustainable?

Richard Thanki Rules for success: Lessons from the radio spectrum

Sarah Angliss Atomic lunch: The UK atomic gardening movement

Spacedog Music from the aether

Host James Dyke